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Honeywell Galaxy


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  • Ross Jones

    Having been converted to fibre optic from copper telephone as everyone has to soon I have a comms fault message that requires engineer access for a permanent removal ……. but I only have the manager code .

    ADT tell me they cannot supply the engineer code as they no longer hold records .

    Local installers tell me they cannot obtain it or by pass the fault or even replace the control panel. They tell me my system is now totally defunct. 

    I have however found a by pass fix .

    Type in your manager code .

    Then hit 

           A … ENT …. ENT …. A … A … ENT 

    Your alarm is then on full set and working .

    Unfortunately without an engineers code you will have to do this every time you want to set it. .

    10 keys to hit instead or 1 but you haven’t needed to scrap your alarm ! 



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